Scintillate by Boris Bunnik & Rene van Dijk

Scintillate is a project by Boris Bunnik (aka Conforce, Severnaya, Versalife) and Rene van Dijk. Scintillate sees Bunnik utilising material from his recent ambient album Polar Skies released as Severnaya, which he combines with new and unreleased material. The album inspired visual artist Rene van Dijk to combine near-infrared footage and heavily manipulated cinematic compositions for an audio visual performance which aims to create an artificial experience of the moment when the sun is low and dimmed, between sunset and dusk, dawn and sunrise.

Scintillate is a commissioned work by Klankvorm and made possible with the support of Creative Industries Fund NL and City of Rotterdam

Picture by Pieter Kers | beeld.nu
Video by Zahra Karimpour